Planning Weekend for the 5th International Meeting

of The Dominican Youth Movement,

Maynooth, 1st-9th August 1998


This weekend, from 14-16 November, was a very productive one. It was attended by 9 people in total and hard work was done by all. We started by listing what has to be done for the meeting and then we prioritised what had to be done during the weekend. After long reflection and deliberation we arrived at the theme: "Dream in the Dark, Live in the Light" (compliments of Aisling). Geraldine used the image of the acorn going into the ground before it can grow into an oak tree. We then discussed what that theme entails. We decided to have 4 speakers for the main workshops over 6 mornings and chose speakers we hope will give them. We then listed possible topics and speakers for the evening workshops.

We also listed the people we hope will work on the team before and during the meeting. The different areas that must be worked on are: Liturgy, Shop/Bar, Workshops, Entertainment, Medical, Recreation, Finance/Funding, Registration/Accommodation, Translations, Banners/Visuals. We chose the meeting logo and looked at the general outline for the liturgy and the letter of invitation which will be sent out with the brochure. We talked about the role of the duty person.

Different responsibilities were assigned to the people who attended the weekend and we planned to meet again during the weekend of the 5-7 Dec.

Obviously there is a huge amount of work involved in organising and running a meeting of this size and significance. If you can help in any way, please contact us at the DCY Rooms. (Roll on Maynooth '98)
The 1998 International Meeting of 
The Dominican Youth Movement. 
Hosted by DCY Ireland 
St. Patrick's College, Maynooth 
1- 9 August 1998 
Cost: £IR180 
For further Information Contact DCY 
Tel: + 353 1 451 5244 
Fax: + 353 1 459 6784